The Forevers - Frederique: The Mixes (Supersonic Soul Machine)

Add Date: 09/17/2019
Focus Tracks: 1 & 5
FCC: Clean
Formats: Chill, Electronic, & Triple A

Artist Info: The Forevers are Natalia Safran and Mick Jaroszyk, a Polish born sibling duo who work and live in Los Angeles and Poznan. Their signature sound, dubbed by the reviewers as ‘Rocker Chill’, has won over international audiences, critics and Hollywood movie makers alike. Natalia and Mick’s songs can be heard on numerous film soundtracks, such as their previous release "All I Feel Is You (Radio Mix)" in Columbia’s Flatliners; "Daylight", the official track of Lionsgate/Nicholas Sparks’s epic love story The Choice; and "All I Feel Is You", the closing track of Paul Walker’s last film, Hours.

The siblings are also known for stylish collaborations with some of the world’s preeminent producers and DJs, like Sandy Rivera/Kings of Tomorrow, Kiran Shahani/Bitter:Sweet or Cajjmere Wray, whose remix of the artists’ track "All I Feel Is You" entered Billboard as a Top Debut and quickly stormed up the TOP 20 Club Play chart to stay there for 9 weeks.

Natalia and Mick’s debut album High Noon was funded by fans via the crowdfunding site Sellaband, where the duo rose to the top of over 10,000 artists gathering $50,000 to produce their first album. An international effort, it was recorded in the US and Europe and contains 12 songs varying in vibe from chilled out pop to trip hop. A few of the tracks were co-produced by Kiran Shahani of Supreme Beings of Leisure and Bitter:Sweet and mixed by Rob Chiarelli (Madonna, Pink, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones). One of the Shahani co-productions is ‘Big Wave’ with the video shot on the Mojave Desert by David Lynch’s right hand man, cinematographer Dan Kneece (Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks). High Noon had a special limited edition Sellaband release followed by a premiere in Poland to great critical acclaim and commercial success. Within a few short weeks Natalia and Mick exploded onto the Polish music scene winning over the Polish audience and critics alike. "Hey You", the first single of the album, topped Polish radio charts ahead of Adele, Coldplay, and Florence and The Machine.

When she is not recording, Natalia is also an actress and has recently appeared in movies such as Aquaman as Queen of the Fishermen Kingdom and the latest of The Conjuring Universe films Annabelle Comes Home as the bloody Bride.

The Forevers is the duo’s latest and most personal project, through which they will be releasing new original material.