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The Frightnrs - More To Say Versions (Daptone Records)

Add Date: 10/17
Focus Tracks: 2, 5, 10, 3
FCC: Clean
Formats: Top 200, World

Artist Info: It's rare for a debut album, especially one in such a polarizing genre like Reggae, to garner the kind of universal fanfare The Frightnrs' 2016 Nothing More To Say received. Mainly because it's a record that transcends genre specific qualifiers and rhetoric that pigeonhole many albums. It is in the truest sense of the phrase, a great record. Shortly after its release a single for "Dispute" was pressed, and like many classic reggae singles, it included a Dub (version) on the B-side courtesy of famed reggae producer Victor "Ticklah" Axelrod. The single was a smash success which in return inspired Axelrod to produce Dub versions for all the songs on Nothing More To Say. The result is More To Say Versions.

The Frightnrs were formed in 2010 in the borough of Queens – far beyond the gilded wealth of Manhattan and the pretentious hipsterdom of Brooklyn. The four piece ensemble took the cooled out vintage vibes of Jamaican rock steady, combined it with the raw energy and vocal stylings of 80s Rub A Dub and added a touch of punk rock spirit to create an entirely unique sound that redefines what a reggae band can sound like. For the past seven years, With Nothing Left to Say, released in September 2016, The Frightnrs have issued a brilliant final testament to their late lead singer Dan Klein, and will continue to go forward, representing the sound of now standing firm on the traditions of the past.