Gods Themselves Art.jpg

The Gods Themselves - Be My Animal (Self-Released)

Add Date: 01/24
Focus Tracks: 2, 3, & 5
FCC: 2 ("limp dick")
Format: College

Artist Info: Since the early 2000s, band members Astra Elane, Collin O’Meara, and Dustin Patterson have all been active in the Pacific Northwest’s live music scene. Now as members of The Gods Themselves (TGT), they each contribute a unique imprint of perceptions, passions and life experiences shaping a sound that echoes of 80’s dance beats, raw, angular guitars and art-punk aplomb. Exuding a new wave nonchalance, Paste Magazine calls their sound “a formidable combination of melody and swagger.”

Provocative and no-nonsense at once, Elane’s guitar revisits the new romantic era with a modern rock punch. O’Meara’s syncopated percussion provides guttural fuel, while Patterson’s baritone guitar laces each song with longing. Atop disco undertones, hypnotic vocals by Elane and Patterson add tales of sexual encounters and self-confidence.