The Harmed Brothers - The Harmed Brothers (Fluff & Gravy)

Add Date: 04/18
Focus Tracks: 2, 3, & 8
FCC: 1 & 5
Formats: Americana and Triple A

Artist Info: The Harmed Brothers’ upcoming eponymous album (due April 21 on Fluff & Gravy) provides an accurate summation of that stance. A collection of songs both old and new, it finds the band fully charged, thanks to revved up arrangements and a more dynamic posture than ever before. “We wanted to give some of the older songs a new skin,” Ray Vietti insists. “And then push them into the direction we think we’ve all been heading in along with the new stuff.”

Along with three previous albums, The Harmed Brothers underwent various shifts in personnel, even as they amassed an ever-growing legion of fans and followers. Nevertheless, their sound often defies any ready definition. It can be the product of a jangly acoustic trio one night, the full assault of a full tilt rock ‘n’ roll band another, and simply two seasoned singer/songwriters on still others.

“What this album grew into is a snapshot of where we are now as band, rather than as a duo,” Alex Salcido suggests. “It’s about where we are headed and how we want our sound to evolve.”

Recorded at Fluff & Gravy Studios with label chief and producer John Shepski at the helm, the upcoming album finds Vietti and Salcido’s new material fitting comfortably alongside songs that originally appeared on the out-of print All The Lies You Wanna Hear, which originally featured only the two principals trading songs on acoustic guitars. In that sense, it forms a full circle. That self-released album has never appeared on streaming sites or iTunes, so for many fans this will be the first time hearing them. And to make the circle complete, it finds many former members of the band contributing to the sessions, growing it into a celebration of family and friends.

“To put some of these old tunes in a new light and have them sound even better than they did the first time around feels pretty dang good,” Vietti muses. “It just feels right. We decided we would have as many friends come and join in on the fun as we could. We’re not reinventing the wheel, but we’re not shopping at the same tire store either.”

Indeed, given all they’ve accomplished so far, and the band’s optimistic outlook going forward, there’s plenty of tread left on these tires and lots of fuel in the tank as well.