Thorcraft Cobra - "Carolina" [Single] (Plaza Bowl & Tapes)

Add Date: 06/20
Focus Track: 1
FCC: Clean
Formats: College, Triple A

Artist Info: With Thorcraft Cobra, Canadian Cold meets California Cool. Billy Zimmer and Tammy Glover first crossed paths when their respective acts were signed to the same label. Zimmer’s band, Brown Eyed Susans, had moved to Los Angeles from his native Calgary, recorded a lost classic Afraid of Heights with Jason Falkner (Beck, Paul McCartney) producing, and was seemingly poised for success. Meanwhile, Tammy had become the drummer for brothers Ron and Russell Mael in their iconic band, Sparks, and toured the world. When Brown Eyed Susans imploded, Zimmer started working on some rough demos, and decided to play a few for his labelmate. “ I wasn't super confident in my work. Then I played it for Tammy, and she was like, "whhhaaatttt". And told me that it was good, and that she should play drums on it and we should put it out” explains Zimmer. “ She also pointed at one of my vintage amps and asked, "What's that?" "That's my ThorcraftCobra," I told her. "That's what we should call the band," she said. I did not argue!

Since then, the band has released a highly acclaimed self-titled EP, a debut full-length entitled Count It In, and now their second full-length, and first vinyl release, The Distance

The lead track on The Distance is "Carolina”—a song about loss, mourning, and not-quite acceptance. Glide Magazine calls it a "jewel... polished, poised and seriously in the pocket.” 

The song was produced by the band, and mixed by the legendary Rob Schnapf. The track includes piano and organ tracks by Teddy "Zig Zag" Andreadis, best known for his work with Carole King and Guns n' Roses, and bass and guitars by Brett Farkas (Lord Huron, Aimee Mann).