TD & the Wiz cover art (1).jpg

Tom Devil & the Wizard - Low Tide (Self-Released)

Add Date: 08/29
Focus Tracks: 10, 1, 11
FCC: 9
Format: Top 200

Artist Info: Texas based Rock n’ Roll band Tom Devil & the Wizard believes strongly in two things: funny band names and making good music.

First of all, there is no Tom Devil, and there is no Wizard. The three-piece band was formed in 2014 by childhood friends Matt Nestor on guitar and vocals, Joe Pirro on bass, and Jake Malan on drums. They spent the last year gigging around DFW and self producing and recording their first full length album Low Tide. 

TD & TW has played Balcony T.V. in Austin and spent 2016 playing DFW clubs like the Curtain Club, City Tavern, The Underpass, Liquid Lounge, and headlining the House of Blues Local Grooves, Local Brews Festival’s Crossroads Stage before setting out on their first east coast tour, in the Spring of 2017.

The Wizard takes inspiration where they can find it. From artists like Phish, Neil Young, Clutch, Kings X, Talking Heads, and The Beatles. Even from the likes of Bruce Lee and his Jeet Kun Do: The philosophy of having no style. The Wizard does what works.