Five Years of Gravy Cover Art.jpg

Various Artists - Five Years of Gravy (Fluff & Gravy Records)

Add Date: 11/15
Focus Tracks: 1 & 3
FCC: 10
Formats: College, Modern Rock Specialty, Triple A

Artist Info: It is hard to believe, but Portland-based label Fluff and Gravy Records is turning 5 years old. What started as a one-off vehicle to release a record for a friend has come of age, with 36 releases under its belt and an international roster that includes 20 artists.

Five Years of Gravy is not just a retrospective. It is a compilation of new/unreleased tracks from 17 of Fluff and Gravy’s artists over the course of the label’s history that offers a glimpse of where it has been and where it is going. Featuring standout artists like Richmond Fontaine, Fernando Viciconte, Jeffrey Martin, Anna Tivel, and Hillstomp (to name but a few), Five Years of Gravy is a sepia-toned family snapshot, documenting a moment in time to preserve for the next generation.

Over the years, it has proven to be difficult to pigeonhole Fluff and Gravy Records with a convenient catch-all label. With releases that range from indie folk and garage punk to indie rock and pop, Americana, British Folk Revival and whatever you want to call The Evangenitals, the idea was to grow a family of artists who complemented each other—without getting bogged down by the constraints of genre.

Even so, there is an underlying commonality among this diverse community of artists. There is an honesty, a sincerity, to each of them that defines their art. And at a time when music is more plentiful and accessible than ever, this sincerity is what separates them from their peers. The manner in which this collection of songs seamlessly flows from one genre to the next serves as “proof of concept.”

Proceeds from the album directly benefit The Jeremy Wilson Foundation, a musicians’ nonprofit health and services organization supported by friends, family, and fans. Making it easy to directly assist individual musicians and their families during medical emergencies.