Various Artists - Dub Carols (Rhythm & Culture)

Add Date: 11/29
Focus Tracks: 1, 2, 3
FCC Clean
Formats: World & RPM

Artist Info: Just in time for the holidays, the DC-based label Rhythm & Culture is releasing a collection of classic Christmas carols redone in perhaps the jolliest of fashions. Dub Carols is a six-track Reggae & Dub compilation that includes contributions from various R&C artists. With reworkings and dub cuts from the likes of Archives (featuring Christos D.C. and the angelic vocals of Olivia Simone), Thomas Blondet, Mato, and Zeb, these interpretations are guaranteed to warm even the blackest of hearts. 

Kick off the holiday season right with these dub renditions of time-honored Christmas classics courtesy of Rhythm & Culture!