Zero Gravity cover art.jpg

Various Artists - Zero Gravity (Interchill Records)

Add Date: 06/12
Focus Tracks: 6, 7, & 13
FCC: Clean
Formats: Electronic & World

Artist Info: Zero Gravity is the latest compilation from Canadian label Interchill featuring 21 tracks from a stellar line-up of producers. The sounds are deep, lush and engaging, and being a double album you get more time to enjoy where you’re going. Some of the tracks have been previously released and others were made for the album. These artists have honed their skills over many years, so break out the pillows, lower the lights and get comfortable.

Many of the artists have had tracks or albums released on Interchill before—and two of them (Adham Shaikh and Legion of Green Men)—had tracks on Interchill’s first compilation, Northern Circuits, which was released 21 years ago. Others are new for the label. And there’s a tune from Loop Guru that was released 25 years ago that made a deep impression then and still does now. Zero Gravityis meant for taking it easy, traveling without leaving your couch and for enjoying the healing and inspirational qualities of fine music.