Voluptas Mors - Innocence (Moarn Music)

Add Date: 07/04
Focus Tracks: 1, 2
FCC: Clean
Format: College, Electronic, AAA

Artist Info:  From the very first listen you can tell there’s something unique and beautiful in the music of Barcelona artist Voluptas Mors. Its tone enthralls the listener, making then want to delve further into the album.

Though the duo only came together earlier this year, Voluptas Mors' music has already blossomed into a full-length album. Titled Innocence and released on May 12th 2017, the album features 8 tracks that bring listeners through an electronic journey capturing a variety of song elements ranging from downtempo, chill lounge, trip-hop, and nu-jazz.

Members Ramon (producer, keyboards, guitars) and Laura (producer, electronic drums, percussion) both incorporated their extensive musical backgrounds into the project to create something beautiful. The duo blends various styles into a sound to life that enables listeners to fall in love with the music as a whole. Innocence features a pair of vocalists, Veela and Cory Friesenhan. Together they bring expertise and experience to the album thanks in no small part to their amazing vocal range. The texture of their voices adds a new level of complexity to the music.