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WALK3R - ‘The New Skin Between Us’ (Self-Released)

Add Date: 06/25
Focus Tracks: 1, 2, 3
FCC: None
Formats: College, Modern Rock Specialty

Artist Info: WALK3R announces his debut album, The New Skin Between Us. While one may hear familiar elements throughout this body of work, WALK3R has an unmistakable way of forging a style all his own. The tracks are heavily rhythmic, fusing electronic elements with live drums and guitars, all thoughtfully placed to carry along his unique vocals. In this way he’s managed to create a truly modern and distinct sound.   

“Year of the Dog”, the records first single was unveiled one week prior to the release of the album. “What drew me towards this song was its infectious guitar melody, and then I heard his vocals, and I was hooked!” Says music blogger Caesar, at Caesar Live ‘n Loud. “WALK3R’s distinctive vocals are quite inviting and I am really enjoying that light rasp that gives a soulful and sensual touch to the song. If you’re into smooth, chilled-out music packed with awesome guitar works, great vocals and an overall “blues-y” atmosphere, then you will love “Year of the Dog”.

WALK3R is the solo project of Walker Rose, frontman of the Las Vegas-based band “All-Night Visitors”. He is the sole musician, engineer, and producer of this new project.