War & Pierce On & On art.jpg

War & Pierce - "On and On" (Self-Released)

Add Date: 11/22
Focus Track: 1
FCC: Clean
Format: College & Triple A

Artist Info: Blues singer/songwriter duo War & Pierce release “On & On” - the first new single since their debut self-titled EP.

The group’s EP which was released in January of this year, met with much critical acclaim and was an NPR favorite, playing on radio around the country. In particular, receiving considerable airplay from tastemakers like LA’s KCRW and Chicago’s WBEZ. War & Pierce charted on the AMA and CMJ charts. “The definition of soulful!”, “A sublime combination of vocals”, “Genuine old souls with a modern approach” were just some of the words used to describe their first release.

Having sold out The Sayer’s Club in Los Angeles, War & Pierce followed up with a six week residency at Hotel Café, wooing audiences with their impassioned soulful sounds which range from intimate to raucous.

Their new single “On & On”, is a foot stomping “work song” that conjures 60s style protest music and classic soul. You can hear the aching and resolve in both War and Pierce as they sing, “It’s our right, to right the wrong!” The song features a string arrangement by the band’s producer and co-writer, Jared Faber. They are joined on the new song by Richard Thompson drummer, Michael Jerome Moore who was also featured on the original EP release.