Zenobia - Zenobia EP (Crammed Discs)

Add Date: 04/16/2019
FCC: Clean
Start With: “La Fou - Up”
Formats: NACC Electronic & NACC World

Artist Info: We’re delighted to announce the release of the debut EP by Zenobia, the mighty electronic music duo from Haifa. 

Combining Arabic pop melodies, Palestinian/Syrian dabke rhythms, synths & powerful beats with occasional dubby flavors, Zenobia’s hypnotic live performances have made a big impression over a short period of time: the band started performing in 2018, and has already appeared in the Middle East, Paris, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, South Korea and Brazil. 

Zenobia are at the forefront of the new, vibrant Palestinian electronic music movement, originating in parallel between Haifa and Ramallah, scattered yet gradually more unified, and now extending across the borders to Amman, Beirut and the diaspora. The band consists of Nasser Halahlih, a pioneer who has been at the core of the scene since its early days, and fleet-fingered keyboardist Isam Elias. 

Septima Zenobia was the queen of Palmyra, she ruled over the Levant in the 3rd century AD. Naming the band after her reflects Nasser & Isam’s wish to create contemporary music which draws from ancient Levantine roots, yet can appeal to audiences worldwide. It’s probably also a statement on the growing role of women in the region, and we’re guessing that we’ll hear more about that aspect in the near future. 

Zenobia’s self-titled debut EP was produced in the band’s studio in Shefa Amr (a small town situated between Haifa and Nazareth), mixed in Paris by Acid Arab, and is being released in April on Acid Arab Records, the French crew’s imprint hosted by Crammed Discs. Zenobia are now signed to the label, and their first album is currently in the making. 

Zenobia will be touring throughout the year, be sure to catch their next show, wildness & excitement guaranteed!