Ziggy Marley - Rebellion Rises (Tuff Gong Worldwide) 

Add Date: 05/22
Focus Tracks: 10, 8, & 1
FCC: Clean
Format: College, Modern Rock Specialty, Triple A, & World

Artist Info: The strains of guitar chords, drum beats, and vocal crescendos remain indistinguishable from those of the winds of change. Recognizing this truth, GRAMMY® and EMMY® Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, humanitarian and visionary Ziggy Marley infuses the spirit of revolution into his seventh full-length solo offering, Rebellion Rises.
Throughout the record, he encourages the people to stand in solidarity together.
“Every song speaks to the rebellion, but the word ‘love’ is also in a lot of them,” Marley affirms. “Love is the foundation. This entire album is a message to the best side of humanity. It’s a rallying cry and encouragement for us to stand up. When we do, our actions will be felt. We will change the direction of this world instead of what we see happening today. We will make it better, but we have to do more. We have to take a stand. We have to get more active. No matter what the fake leaders say, we’re going to love one another first.”

The title track “Rebellion Rises” codifies a peaceful manifesto in the heart of an irresistible chant.
“The rebellion begins in the mind, the melody, and the music,” he assures. “We are a conduit of that. The rebellion is consciousness. Once the consciousness starts spreading, we become aware and we finally rise.”